Hey there humans,

I'm Max.

I don’t have a “my dad was always into photography” story, or a “I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was 4” story. Mine is more of a “my day job provided no creative outlet, so I made my own” story. An obscene amount of hard work, some good luck, an incredible support system, and one fewer cubicle jobs later, I found myself able to produce images that resonate with people and brands.

That being said, taking great photos is only a small part of the secret sauce. Too often I have heard from companies, models and friends that while the photographer they hired produced good images, their personal interaction and understanding of the ins and out of the industry was lacking. I do and always have considered myself a “people person” and a phone call or meeting for a cup of coffee to set up a shoot will always be my preferred method of human interaction. In my humble opinion, if the personal connection isn’t there between the photographer and client/subject, the images will suffer. Sprinkle in our inherent need to maintain a high level of customer service and you’ve got yourself a solid client/photographer connection.

I’m experienced in shooting anything from product ad campaigns to in studio creative portraits for artists, international group travel fitness retreats, sporting events, headshots and even concert photography. My style and niche are constantly a work in progress, so shooting for a wide variety of clients is where I’ve found myself. This also keeps me perpetually learning and on my toes, which is where I work best!

I’m currently Ft. Lauderdale based, but I travel well. In fact, it’s one of the things I love most about this career. Contact me with any inquiries – I encourage chatting about any ideas you might have for a shoot.

Thank you for checking out my site, and wherever you are, KEEP GOING.

sunset landscape photography of Cathedral Rock in Sedona

From grass-roots


Home office -> Small starter studio -> Production Studio

That is our progression in the simplest statement possible. From humble beginnings of trying to figure out how photographers make a living on $100 baby shower event photos, all the way to planning pre-production through to post production of large brand commercial shoots in the five figure range, it's safe to say we have moved past the early learning curve days.

However, to say I built this on my own would be much more than an exaggeration, it would be an outright lie. I have always prided myself on collaboration and teamwork, and it turns out you need other people to make that happen. The team we have built here has been forged in trials and growth to the point that there isn't much I feel that we can't take on at this point. Additionally we work with a large network of freelance photographers and videographers that help us cover jobs we might not have the immediate bandwidth for.

Check out the OG's of the team below.

authentic studio portrait of casual girl


Generally, I refer to her as my "Swiss Army Wife", as her contribution encompasses so much variety it almost doesn't make sense to list them together. I will anyway.

Wardrobe styling, client communications, prop styling, set design, creative direction, producing, behind the scenes iphone- ographer, not to mention photoshoot hype chick with an eye for feminine details to name a few. And that's not even covering keeping me organized, just as a person in general. She can pretty much handle anything, except gear.

black and white environmental portrait of artist


Much more than the "expensive sandbag" he occasionally refers himself to, Trenton is an invaluable member of the team, contributing greatly with all facets of the process, including assisting on jobs with a technical eye, idea brainstorming for creative projects, as well as being a great photographer in his own right. Maxson Media would not have experienced its exponential growth without him.

Creating powerful brand imagery.

How do you want it feel?

It's YOUR business. You most likely know what feelings you want it to illicit. And while our ability to execute your ideas and style is second to none, creating ideas and feelings from scratch really feeds our soul.

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